Teaching Intolerance

Via Liana “5-3″ Heitin here’s an ugly story from Indiana:

An Indiana special education teacher, who is part of a Christian group that wanted to ban LGBT students from the high school prom, told a local television station that she doesn’t believe gays have a “purpose in life.”

There’s more. Read Heitin’s story. Sure is hard to fathom why the suicide rate among gay teens is so much higher than other students…

2 Responses to “Teaching Intolerance”

  1. jeffreymiller Says:

    Special ed teacher should “heal thyself.”

  2. Monica A. Says:

    I believe that all students should be treated equitably and fairly. I also believe that everyone has a purpose in life. It is the teacher’s responsibility as a professional to try to understand all students in order to cater to individual needs. The teacher who condemns a student based on sexual preference or orientation is highly unlikely to treat that student fairly or equitably.

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