2 thoughts on “Education Insiders On Digital Learning, Common Core Assessments And Implementation, MOOCs And More!

  1. jeffreymiller

    “Insiders may like digital learning but they see a lot of over-promising and big bandwidth problems ahead.

    You think? And the digital divide is more than just access–it’s also about how to render a universal interface user-friendly. Do these folks who dream up this stuff live in bubbles?

  2. Ronan Mc Guire

    The possibilities for technology to affect education are vast. Blended learning-that is learning in the traditional sense of the brick-and-mortar university mixed with online learning is already showing its benefits. A big player in this area in Europe is https://iversity.org/. These MOOC providers work with pedagogy experts to provide an interactive and engaging learning experience, along with peer to peer learning (which in my view is hugely important). Sure, with online only courses you are not in the same physical classroom as the lecturer-but these norms and expectations are changing by the day.

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