3x Jobs For The Future And 3x Edujobs

Jobs For The Future may not be a household name but is a great organization doing important work.  They are releasing three new papers worth checking out.

Apply now for data fellowships via Harvard!  Great program

Broad Foundation is hiring a senior director and an assistant director.

And structured internships at Students First.

4 Responses to “3x Jobs For The Future And 3x Edujobs”

  1. Linda/RetiredTeacher Says:

    Do you want to make money from education but can’t stand the sight of a child? Get an “edujob.” Good salaries, challenging work, but you don’t need to teach a soul under the age of 18.

  2. Attorney DC Says:

    Linda: Touche! LOL

  3. Linda/RetiredTeacher Says:

    Thanks. Is there anything that speaks more loudly about the true purpose of educational “reform” than this blog?!!!

  4. J.D. Salinger Says:

    Now Linda. You know very well that Andy likes teachers; look how nice he is to TFA.

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