3 thoughts on “More On Education Productivity

  1. jmiller

    Well, they’re wrong. Like so many before them, Roza and Hill insist upon seeing education like any other service industry and it’s NOT. Voters don’t want tax hikes? Fine, they will have the educational offerings they deserve.

  2. Anna

    Bildung kostet immer Geld. Wir sollten uns nur bewusst machen, was uns Bildung wert ist. Ferner sollten die westlichen Staaten erkennen, dass ihr Wohlstand nur durch ihren solide Ausbildung aufrecht zu erhalten ist.

  3. pgteacher

    “Other service industries have found ways to improve outputs while containing costs, thereby becoming more productive. This yields some optimism that productivity improvements can also be found in education.”

    I don’t see that comment as equating education to “any other service industry.” instead, I think the argument is to allow for more flexibility in how we run schools to see what could make a positive impact in a tough financial environment. Surely more tax dollars isn’t the only answer, especially considering the huge increase in per pupil funding in the last 30 years with disproportionately small achieVement gains in the same Time period.

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