One thought on “Separated At Birth?

  1. Robert D. Skeels

    You might want to give a photo credit on the photo of right-wing reactionary Marco Petruzzi. I shot that of him walking around the western side of the LAUSD Beaudry Headquarters. He was advocating more public property be handed over to his lucrative charter concern under the guise of Gates’ employee Yolie Flores’ PSC resolution. Petruzzi’s near quarter a million dollar a year compensation package explains why he’s always looking to increase market share. The miss-translated shirt is supposed to say “my child, my choice” in Spanish. However, the idiom is incorrect. By the way, Peturzzi doesn’t “chose” to send his children to a corporate charter. The very least he could do is send them to one of his Green Dot centers of cultural sterilization, but eating his own dog-food would be too principled for the likes of him.

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