2 thoughts on “Immigration And Higher Ed

  1. GGW

    I like the general idea. I like linking to something that exists — the military program.

    However, to gain support in today’s political climate, I think you’d have to add two things:

    1. Not just finish high school, but finish high school with 3.0 GPA.

    You inserted the word “promising.” The question is what would a political moderate, like, say, Susan Collins of Maine believe is “promising”?

    Finishing high school is probably not a proxy for what most Americans think of as “promising” (though it probably does = “top half of all illegal immigrants given graduation rates being what they are).

    2. Some large dosage of public service.

  2. rory @ parentalcation

    The article you linked to only refers to illegal immigrants.

    The military, under current law, does not take illegal immigrants, though there is a proposal under consideration in congress.

    I disagree with the GPA requirement, because I can see that easily being tweaked by sympathetic teachers/schools (witness the degradation of standards in the Douglass High School documentary).

    I would think that the DREAM act in itself is enough, though I would be in favor of some alternate service provision for very promising students who didn’t meet the physical standards of military service.

    A requirement based on just H.S> education would lead to fraud, be hard to enforce, and sets to low a bar.

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