Hoff, Russo, & My Interns! But Not In That Order…

Via whining about me, Ed Week’s Russo tries to cover his tracks for writing an item about where the NEA is on the House NCLB draft bill that had their position basically wrong. He includes a handy timeline but neglects to link to my original post questioning his assertion, probably because it links to the NEA press release entitled: “Nation’s Largest Education Association Urges House Committee to Reject Draft Language for Reauthorization of No Child Left Behind Law.” That’s pretty ambiguous, sure, but it was also pretty clear by the time that Russo put up his post that the NEA was not on board with the Miller-McKeon proposal.

More importantly Russo seems quite put out that I tend to see his Ed Week colleague David Hoff as a more reliable source of information. Let me clear up any misunderstanding about that: I do. We all make mistakes and predications that turn out to be wrong and so forth, but in his brief time blogging Hoff has proven to be substantially more surefooted and on the case than the Rarely Reliable Russo…hell, in the reliability department I’d surely take my chances with my maligned interns first. Update: To illustrate the point, I think that if you could write a tantrum, this is what it would look like…

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