September 25, 2018

Film Screening!

On Thursday September 27th, Education Forward DC, the Greater Washington Community Foundation, and the DC Public Education Fund are hosting a screening of America to Me.

You’ve probably heard about the series, a ten-part docu-series about race and equity in America’s public schools. Same director as Hoop Dreams. It’s about a year in the life of people at a school outside of Chicago and is already occasioning a lot of conversation.

This screening is 6-8:30pm at Howard’s Cramton Auditorium. Panel discussion to follow with Arne Duncan, John King, Abby Smith, Amanda Alexander, and David Johns.

Open invitation but  you have to RSVP – do that by clicking here.

September 21, 2018

A Hard Look AT The CTE Consensus, Rebecca Kantar Wants To Transform Assessment, ICE & Schools, Paul Freedman, Kelly Robson, Grade Inflation, More!

Kelly Robson on “Rigged.” That’s the game Bellwether launched this week and Kelly explains why it’s more than a game – and why you should play if you work in or around this sector.

Kirsten Schmitz explains why pension policy is screwing up your commute in DC.

Rebecca Kantar wants to change assessment in the United States.

Missed this interesting interview with Paul Freedman when it ran this summer.

Thomas Dee and Mark Murphy on ICE and school enrollment.

CRPE* continues to put out interesting (and non-Kool-Aid fueled) work on personalized learning. 

New look at grade inflation that challenges some of the CW on that question.

Tough look at CTE.

Japanese lesson study between the pipes. OK, not exactly but here are some NHL players on learning.

Fleetwood Mac 1976.

*On the advisory board so hopelessly biased.

Friday Fish Porn – Ringmaster

America Succeeds’ Tim Taylor is no stranger around here. He’s appeared in fish porn before (for instance here and here) and some adjacencies like ducks. Today, some pictures from a recent Mexico trip – triggerfish on their way to being cerviche and Tim’s strategy for making new friends wherever he goes.








Want more pictures of education types with fish (the one above is the only seal pic on offer)? Here and here are hundreds more.

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September 20, 2018

Join Bellwether, Read Wright, Debt, And Harper Valley At 50, More!

Here’s an opportunity to join our team at Bellwether. 

Emmeline Zhao and I spent time this summer at a camp for burn survivors.

Hailly Korman and Jason Weeby talk with Antonio Parés about the challenge of authorizing high-quality alternative schools.

Pearson and efficacy – a very deep dive.

Brandon Wright goes first person with an essay about his experiences.

In the states, who is collecting what on teacher demographics?

TICAS data on student debt. Worth checking out but the averages mask a few key stories. First, when you disaggregate the troubling patterns emerge. And, second, it’s important to bear in mind the differences in income for college grads and non-college grads (there again it bears getting below the averages though).

Harper Valley PTA.

September 19, 2018

Burn Camp

One of the perks of my job is that I get to work on some pretty interesting and cool projects and get to learn all the time. But now and then one is particularly special and this package coming from The 74 today is one of those.

Emmeline Zhao and I spent time this summer at the Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp, which is a camp for burn survivors in the Shenandoah Valley. It’s a magical place, incredible adults and kids driving toward a shared goal. And it’s hard to describe, but Emmeline and I tried to do just that.

We have video, I wrote about the camp, and pictures. You can see it all via this link. Video embedded below.

A raptor expert from the U.S. Forest Service is explaining to a group of summer campers how the birds she cares for are stronger than their wild counterparts because of various injuries they have overcome. It’s a subtle point that might sail over the heads of a lot of people, especially while they are focused on a majestic bald eagle perched on her arm just 10 feet away — so close it blows their hair back when it moves its powerful wings.

Yet these kids get it immediately…

Entire column here.

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September 18, 2018

Health Care Costs, Civic Education, McKee Wins, Boser Learns, California Dreamin’, Widespread, More!

Last night we released “Rigged” a new game from Bellwether.

Chad Aldeman takes a look at teacher retirement benefits and health care.

Phil Burgoyne-Allen on civics education and why it’s about both content and engagement.

Rhode Island’s Dan McKee, a champion of charter schools and education innovation, survives a primary challenge.

I suspect Mike Petrilli and I have a different take on where to set the bar for standards from a standpoint of equity and giving kids real choices about their lives. But, this essay is a thoughtful way to think about that question.

This California project is worth checking out for its implications there but also more generally as a great approach to thinking about complicated problems in other states.

Dale Chu asks what it will take to improve education in America – bonus goat rodeo reference.

Ulrich Boser’s* TEDx talk on learning.

Widespread Panic “Hard Rain”

*BW client.


Yesterday evening Bellwether released our new video game, “Rigged.” It’s also our first video game, and we haven’t seen a lot of games based on education issues.

To build it we went around the country listening to the stories of kids who are involved in the system. The game is not reflective of any one story, but is built from these real life examples and as you play you’ll get a sense for the choices kids sometimes face and how sometimes the “right” choice nonetheless carries adverse consequences.

It’s one piece of a broader body of work we do for disconnected youth.

You can learn more and play Rigged here.

September 14, 2018

Pensions & Pension Politics, Groff Goes 21st Century, Data Privacy And Education Data, Janus, More!

Chad Aldeman on the trouble with vesting periods when it comes to retirement saving – and what that means for teachers.

Here’s a deep dive on teacher pensions in Arkansas. Also, Chad Aldeman on how in the bizarro world of pension politics politicians sometimes pushback on their own plan’s assumptions creating a hall of mirrors policymaking environment. 

Hailly Korman on the lack of data on educating adjudicated students.

The FBI is starting to pay more attention to data privacy issues in K-12. It’s a real issue that warrants attention. But here’s an awkward reality: Despite the hacks, your data is probably safer with high quality education vendors, to the extent they retain it during use, than it is with local school districts – that have notoriously poor IT security capacity. Everyone should do better but some perspective is important here.

Peter Groff lays out a map for a 21st Century school system. The NAACP is still walking through a political minefield on charters. 

For the last several years theaters unions, especially the AFT, have sought to politicize teachers pension funds. It always seemed like a risky strategy and now conservatives have picked up the fight.

We’ve talked some about why you should expect some second wave litigation after the Janus ruling as it’s implemented in different places. Here’s an example of why.

People are apparently surprised that education data is often not reliable. I thought this was sort of common knowledge, along with culture and a lack of common definitions it seems like one of the big barriers to this idea that we’re going to “moneyball” education.

Alarming statistics on suicide and transgender youth.

REM: First We Take Manhattan

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Friday Fish Porn: Cousin Of Big Red

Longtime readers know that the Willcox family are not strangers to fish porn. There is the legend of Big Red, of course. We’ve featured James and also his mom (more than once), his daughter, and some of Big Red’s better known offspring.

Today we’ve got Big Red’s cousins courtesy of James’ wife and daughter. These two were caught this summer in Texas near Corpus Christi.









James has done a variety of things in education and is currently President and CEO of Strategic Growth Partners.

Big Red making you nostalgic? Click here for hundreds of education fish pictures dating back to 2006. And here are more.